Teen Mediation

 non-biased, impartial mediation involving teens

Friends      classmates      siblings       parents       guardian       relatives       teacher/leaders       punitive hearing
Alternative Dispute Resolution  
for teens

By the time kids become teenagers, they have been exposed to so much violence on TV, movies, video games and even in their own homes, resolving conflict and disputes with violence and indifference has become their 'normal'.


We treat every teen mediation as a real  mediation.    We follow rules and codes of mediation in California.  But more than anything, we focus on teaching the skill to recognize opportunities to resolve disputes in an effective manner.          

voluntary ... confidential .... resolution 






Trigger words - recognizing and avoiding them 

-  Effective communication  - not just what is said.. but how it's said matters

-  EVALUATE what is most important ..  consider what happens if a mutual agreement is not reached

-  NEGOTIATE to get what you want.. and compromising to get it 

-  SUCKER learning how 'compromising' does not mean sucker or make the you the looser

Kelly Morford,


communication, negotiation, compromise and MEDIATION

These are life-long skills that will help our youth at home, work, relationships and at school.  Teaching and practicing mediation to students is 'real life' skills.

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