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Kelly Morford, B.S, MA

I believe most all disagreements can be settled by the disputing parties themselves rather than turning the final decision authority to be made by a judge, jury, arbitrator, or the like. 
I also know that some disputes become so personal and escalated, the chances of the parties being able to communicate and reason effectively is not a reality. 
Choosing the right mediator for your dispute is an important part of a successful mediation. All mediators are not created equally.  Mediation styles differ between mediators and each case may benefit from different styles of mediation. 
My mediation style is a hybrid of two popular forms of mediations, facilitative and evaluative. 
Facilitative meaning I provide a structure to the mediation process in order to assist the parties in reaching a mutually agreeable resolution.  I ask questions of both sides in order to not only validate the reason for the conflict, but to also uncover any possible hidden information that might have perpetuated the conflict or has allowed for disagreement to escalate. 
Evaluative mediation is often seen as a guided negotiation. I may offer my opinions or share my on opinions of legal perspectives that may not have been considered.  I will use information gained to help parties evaluate the best possible outcomes and the worst possible outcomes. Ultimately my participation is structured to assist the parties to come to their own conclusions and resolution, never for me to decide for them. 
What can be expected from each mediation is my un-biased participation. My goal will always be to act in the interest for each party (which is sometimes tricky) but often helps parties face obstacles they have been unable or un-willing to consider.  Facilitative or evaluative (or a mix of both) will help parties consider their options and ultimately they are able to create a resolution themselves, rather than having someone else make the decision for them. 
Bachelor of Science degree in Education / Childhood development
Masters of Arts degree in Behavioral Science: Negotiations and Conflict Management
Successful completion of mediation training including: Litigated cases and family conflict
Continuing education as needed for Professional Fiduciary 
Professional background

Director/manager for healthcare contracts and services 

Professional Organizer additionally trained in "Life Transitions"

Volunteer Peer mediator (teens and adults)




Board Member (So California Mediation Association)

Associations & Memberships

Southern California Mediation Association (Board Member)

Associate member Professional Fiduciary Association of California

Association for Conflict Resolution

National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals

(National and Los Angeles Chapter)

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