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Teens - Peers - College Students

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'Dispute resolution' for teens and young adults is often overlooked unless a crime has already been committed.   Diversion programs can be effective for those already facing criminal action, but we believe in being PRO-ACTIVE by teaching teens and young adults to deal with conflict by utilizing mediation skills before ever needing a diversion program.


Parties wishing to participate in mediation to resolve conflict.  At least one party to a dispute must qualify by:


Teens (one mediating party must be between the ages of 13 - 17) 

College Students (at least one mediating party must be a currently enrolled college student) 


A greatly reduced rate for students wanting to learn, practice and implement alternative forms of dispute resolution skills to resolve conflict. Mediations are 'real' and encourage the parties to reach a resolution themselves before other forms of intervention are taken.   

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