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Agree to Mediation

The most successful mediations are those where all parties have voluntarily agreed to mediation in order to resolve their dispute themselves, rather through alternative options such as litigation. 

We are not a 'court-ordered' mediation option therefore all parties must review and sign an "Agreement to Mediate".  This agreement provides the rules, details and requirements of mediation. 


Complete forms

Each participant of the mediation will receive the following forms that will need to be reviewed, completed and returned.

1.  Client Information 

2.  Agreement to Mediate 


Schedule appointment

Once all required forms are received by the mediator,

the mediator will connect with participants to schedule

the mediation date and time. 

You will be asked at this time to confirm that you have the ability to connect to the online mediation video portal.  In adhering to the strict confidentiality rules of mediation, a quiet, un-interrupted location for the length of the scheduled mediation is needed. 


resolution agreement

If mediating parties reach an agreement,  the mediator can draft a Memorandum of Understanding or Mediated Settlement Agreement for parties to mutually sign. 

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