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Mediation for college students aged 18+ will be conducted with the same rules that apply to rules of mediation adopted by the state of California.  


Voluntary... Confidentiality ... Resolution


Mediation skills  are learned behaviors that will be

used in all types of relationships now... and as adults in the future. 

  1. College mediation and  rates apply when at least one party is a currently enrolled college student

  2. Both parties must voluntarily agree to all terms of mediation, which include mediating in 'good faith'          (commitment to the mediation process and the desire to settle the conflict).

  3. Mediating parties will be required to read and understand agreement to mediate rules, confidentiality rules as stated by the state of California including Evidence Codes of mediation. 

  4. There is no limit to the number of mediations a currently enrolled college student may participate in.

  5. If participants reach a settlement agreement, a 'Memorandum of Understanding' will be drafted for parties to sign. Because mediating parties of legal age (18+) can enter in to legal agreements, should both parties reach and sign an agreement, the agreement will be considered binding (unless parties stipulate differently prior to settlement). 




Does the mediation have to be between only college students? 




Can I make the another party agree to mediate?







Will I be expected to compromise on a resolution?

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